About Us

E-chain Kft. Has been formed in 2009. Main activity was engineering advising and support in the first period.

We have become in contact with Sony Europe in 2010. Due to this relation, E-chain has been involved in both sales and service activities of Sony Stencil printer, P&P and AOI systems, especially focused in Hungary. During the projects, we provided the installation, ramp-up, programming and general service support. Later our activity has been expanded to Romania as well. Due to the merging of Sony and Juki in 2013, our activity has changed also, we have been and are providing the technical support for all Sony installed base all over Europe.

We represent KIC International Inc since 2011. The well-known manufacturer produces thermal profilers and reflow monitoring systems.

E-chain started the representation in 2012 of Telsonic Ag, one of the pioneers of ultrasonic welding technology. The company develops and produces US welding systems and accessories for both metal and plastic applications.

We have started the common work with the Belgian IPTE company in 2013. IPTE is famous about their automation solutions. Beside of that they manufacture different kind of test applications, odd-shape placement systems, routers and marking systems especially for the automotive industry.

In 2015, we extended our principals with two further partners. TRI Inc., as one of the leading manufacturer of non-destructive PCB testing WW, stepped to a cooperation with E-chain. We support the Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), the Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) and the Automated X-ray Inspection (AXI) product ranges of TRI, by sales and service. You can find different systems in the portfolio based on the required test method (2D-3D), or production concept (in-line, offline).

Our next partner was the Swiss Lavortec GmbH. The company offers products for SMT production from different Chinese manufacturer. Lavortec controls the production and quality to be able to conform to the state-of-the-art quality levels required by the European market. The result is an extra-ordinary price/performance ratio from what our customers can benefit a lot. There are more than 10 different product ranges, for example stencil printers, wave soldering systems, dispensers, coating systems, BGA repair stations, de-panelling systems, paste mixers, etc.

We have started the representation of SMT Wertheim GmbH in 2016 spring. SMT is noticed as one of the most innovative companies among the reflow oven manufacturers. Our customers can find not only the traditional forced convection reflows but curing (UV, IR, forced convection) and vacuum ovens also in the product portfolio. Special heating/cooling chambers for automotive product testing are also part of the product range.

E-chain can provide solution in case of unique automation tasks. In these cases, we work together either foreign or domestic partners. Automation can mean solutions for smaller (replacing 1-2 process steps) or bigger tasks (production cell or smaller line) as well.

Our activities have been extending continuously. Beside of the sales, we support our customers with onsite service, trainings and engineering advises/support as well. Some of our distributed products can be seen and tried in our demonstration room, in Pécel.