TRI Inc.

TRI earned ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2002. We currently have a majority market share in Taiwan and China. Many of our products have Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Award. We have gained recognition and acceptance by major international brands and other world-class companies. Presently, TRI has more than 700 employees and has established offices in the USA, Malaysia, Mainland China, Germany, Japan and Korea. We also have distributors in over 30 countries.

For US and the rest of world, TRI provides not only the PCBA testing and inspection product itself, also include the on-site installation by TRI’s highly trained and experienced Field Application Engineer (FAE), testing and validation to meet customers’ satisfaction and after sales services. The after sales service offered by TRI includes but not limited to Trouble Shooting, Failure Analysis, Periodic Calibration, System Maintenance, and Parts & Accessories Warranty. All the after sales services are provided by TRI’s subsidiaries and authorized distributors in US, Europe, China and South Asia.

All contact information of TRI’s subsidiaries and authorized distributors are available in the page of “Contact Us”. The enterprise organization of TRI features both vitality and flexibility. By introducing excellent inspection and testing equipment to the world, TRI is offering customers not only its outstanding products, but also comprehensive services. We commit ourselves to fulfil our customers’ goals and pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. Our personnel embrace a common prospect and share the reality of excellent performance.

Telsonic AG

TELSONIC AG is an internationally active company in the field of industrial ultrasonic technology and one of the global market leaders.
The company was founded in 1966 and has its headquarters in Bronschhofen (Switzerland). We globally employ about 200 people and have subsidiaries in United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Serbia and China as well as a joint venture in India and representatives in many other countries.
Developing and manufacturing our own product range as well as realizing and optimizing individual customer requirements is taken very seriously at TELSONIC, like a competent technical after-sales service on spot.

Lavortec GmbH.

Lavortec is a Swiss based distribution company providing pre-and after sales support throughout Europe

  • Lavortec is based in Switzerland being in the business of electronic manufacturing equipment for over 11 years
  • Our team in Shenzen carefully selects and qualifies proven suppliers with a large installed base in Asia and a good reputation from worldwide known users.
  • Fully equipped Process evaluation centre to test and set up the process for your specific product
  • Product Adaptation for European requirements can be effected
  • All products are CE tested and certified by our own team
  • All products have to pass a Quality Check before they are shipped to Europe
  • A European network of sales and after sales partner guarantee your local support
  • In our European Hub in Switzerland we arrange all payments in full safety as well as taking care of the imports and the transport arrangements

SMT Wertheim GmbH.

In 1987, the company SMT Maschinen- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG was established and the corner stone had been laid for a success story one can be proud of.

The company founder´s aspiration was and continues to be until today, not only to bring the most technically sophisticated and innovative products to the market place, but they must be most environmentally friendly, most economical in terms of energy consumption and most maintenance friendly products at the same time. An aspiration which is also reflected in the company statutes and in the DIN EN ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management Manual.

With the introduction in 2010 of the Vacuum Plus module for integration in existing SMT reflow soldering systems, SMT once again impressively demonstrated its innovative strength and technical competence in the market place. The vacuum module is placed between the heating and cooling zone of a reflow soldering system which ensures virtually voids-free soldering results, a requirement which stems particularly from the automotive, aerospace, defence, medical and high-end telecommunications sectors.

With a staff of 120 worldwide, SMT Wertheim today manufactures exclusively at the site in Wertheim on an area totalling 6000 m². Total turnover has increased significantly in recent years.

IPTE Factory Automation n. v.

The IPTE Factory Automation division develops standard machinery and turnkey automation systems for the production, test and treatment of printed circuit boards and for final assembly work. The equipment is used in various industries: automotive, telecommunications, consumer electronics and other sectors of the electronics industry. IPTE is locally present in Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Estonia, Mexico, Brasil, USA and Asia.

Fully meeting customers’ requirements  

IPTE Factory Automation is committed to meet its customers’ needs by providing:

  • A high customer care approach
  • Leading technology in factory automation
  • A worldwide presence
  • Excellent price/performance

KIC Inc.

In the past 20 years, KIC has recruited a worldwide team of highly skilled customer support engineers to trouble shoot, train and assist customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This dedication to our valued customers has been recognized with 5 industry awards for excellence in service. We know the best way to ensure KIC’s success is by helping ensure your success in reflow and thermal process control.

KIC systems can automate several manual profiling and thermal process control tasks, alleviating a number of production line chores.

It’s not only about manual and automatic oven profilers. It’s about enabling users to solve or prevent problems, to run an efficient operation, and to help them succeed. KIC has achieved this by developing uncomplicated products that acquire and deliver hard to get information in an actionable format allowing users to make better decisions. With optional analytics and machine learning, most decisions are made in real-time, automating manual tasks. This results in consistent quality, reduced cost, and a more competitive factory.